She Lashed Me With Canes Severally & Multimedia Couldn’t Protect Me–Ernest Opoku Finally Opens Up

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Ernest Opoku spilt his milk into the wrong hole and we are sure, next time before he enters another hole, he will do some fasting and prayers or even make sure he marries again before having se.x–That’s why the God says, do not fornicate–Lol.

Well, Ernest Opoku has confirmed earlier reports that he was whipped with a cane in the studios of Adom Fm, during a live worship session by actress and producer Nayas. Nayas has said in an interview that, she decided to go whip him because he said he had regretted sleeping with her and that it was the devil that led him.

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Nayas has also said, she does not need anything from him but just an apology from him else she would continue tormenting his life.

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Ernest Opoku has finally opened up about the painful experience he went through yesterday.

According to the Nyame Otease hitmaker, he was in the studio making a call when the lashes landed on him unawares.

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“I was in the studio of Adom FM when the girl rushed in. I was even making a call and couldn’t see the lady walk in. I only realized she was present in the studio when she started lashing me severally but I didn’t retaliate,” he said.

“Ghanaians should watch her pregnancy carefully since she said she is pregnant for 3 months. I won’t lay my hands on her but I leave everything to God.”

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He added that Multimedia failed woefully to protect him, especially when he was there doing a worship show for free.

Ernest Poky Jnr.
Ernest Opoku Jnr.
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“I know what Multimedia has done for some gospel artistes like myself so I don’t charge for any live worship event I attend at the reputable media firm but what happened to me yesterday was such disappointing and unpleasant.

“If Multimedia doesn’t take responsibility for this case I will be disappointed in them. Multimedia didn’t protect me… I give everything to God.” he added.