Shelby Chesnes Age, Biography, Net Worth, Career, Boyfriend

Shelby Chesnes is known to be an American model, actress, and entrepreneur who gained popularity for featuring in numerous magazines like “Playboy” and many others since 2012.

She has worked with many magazine brands and has been quite successful at it and in this article, we’ll learn more about her so keep reading.

Shelby Chesnes
Shelby Chesnes

Shelby Chesnes biography

Shelby Chesnes was born on February 14th, 1991 in Jupiter, Florida United States of America. Where she grew up in an area close to the beach and often show off her swimwear which boost her confidence helping her to pursue a career in modeling. Her mother was very passionate about photography so Shelby Chesnes was often the subject of the photos she shot any time they were at the beach.

Her mother eventually encouraged her to take her modeling career to the next level so when he posed for Playboy Magazine she didn’t against it.

At her young age, Shelby Chesnes was much interested in sports activities so she played a number of them and even became a member of the competitive cheerleader team when she was in high school. After graduating from high school she enrolled at Florida Atlantic University to study psychology.

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Shelby Chesnes career

Shelby Chesnes didn’t lose focus on his modeling career after completing her education. She started by working for several local brands like sunglasses company and car advertisement but this wasn’t enough so at the age of
20 years she decided to upload multiple of her best photos on the Playboy website to get a chance to work with the magazine company.

Shelby Chesnes was later contacted by Playboy Magazine which gave her the chance to test shoot in Los Angeles and after the shoot, she responded after some months for a deal.

After being selected by Playboy Magazine she started getting opportunities that helped her to increase her fame in the modeling and film industry as she got an acting role in a movie dubbed, “Las Vegas” starring Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro. The film was directed by Jon Turteltaub. Aside from this, she was also cast in “Horrible Bosses 2”

Shelby Chesnes’ personal life

With regards to the personal life of Shelby Chesnes, she is known to be in a relationship however there is no information about the person she’s dating. She also spends a lot of time in the gym and she frequently invests in her body which is the main perspective of her modeling career.

Shelby Chesnes net worth

Shelby Chesnes has accumulated huge fortunes for herself when it comes to success and has earned an estimated net worth of over $500,000.

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