Sherika de Armas Illness and health: Death linked to cervical cancer explored

Find information on Sherika de Armas’s illness and health following her death, which has been linked to cervical cancer.

According to the Mayo Clinic, cervical cancer is characterized by the abnormal growth of cells in the cervix, which is the lower part of the uterus connecting to the vagina. The majority of cervical cancers are caused by various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a common infection transmitted through sexual contact.

Normally, the body’s immune system is able to prevent the virus from causing harm. However, in a small percentage of individuals, the virus can persist for years, leading to the development of cancerous cervical cells. To minimize the risk of developing cervical cancer, it is recommended to undergo regular screening tests and receive a vaccine that provides protection against HPV infection.

In the event that cervical cancer does occur, the initial approach to treatment often involves surgical removal of the cancerous cells.

Additional treatment options may include medications designed to eliminate the cancer cells, such as chemotherapy and targeted therapy medicines. Radiation therapy, which utilizes high-energy beams, may also be employed. In some cases, a combination of radiation therapy and low-dose chemotherapy may be utilized.

Who is Sherika de Armas?

Sherika de Armas Illness and health

De Armas was Miss Uruguay in 2015. During the 2015 Miss World pageant, hosted in Sanya, China, De Armas was among the few contestants who were 18 years old at the time of the competition.

Sherika de Armas cause of death explored: How did she die?

Sherika de Armas, who had the honour of representing her country at the Miss World competition in 2015, passed away last week at the age of 26 after a two-year struggle with cervical cancer, according to local reports. The news of her untimely demise has been met with great sadness by her loved ones and the wider community. In a public display of grief, her brother, Mayk’ De Armas, expressed his condolences.  ‘Fly high, little sister. Always and forever.’

Lola de los Santos, the winner of Miss Uruguay 2021, has expressed her condolences for the untimely passing of De Armas. De Armas was a participant in the 2015 Miss World competition held in Sanya, China, where she was one of the youngest contestants at the age of 18.

Despite not making it to the top 30, she was recognized as one of the most promising talents in Uruguay due to her striking features, towering height, and charismatic personality.

Outside of pageantry, De Armas founded the Shey De Armas Beauty Studio, where she sold beauty and lifestyle products. In a previous interview conducted in Spanish, De Armas shared her lifelong aspiration to become a model, whether it be in beauty, advertising, or on the catwalk.

‘I like everything related to fashion, and I think that within a beauty pageant, any girl’s dream is to have the opportunity to participate in Miss World. I am very happy to be able to live this experience full of challenges,’ she said.

In addition to her pageant and beauty-line pursuits, Dar Armas also devoted her time to the Pérez Scremini Foundation, which helps fight childhood cancer.

Sherika de Armas tributes

Sherika de Armas lost her fight with uterine cancer two years ago, on October 13, 2023, at the age of 26. Family members and friends have verified her demise.

De Armas, the 2015 Miss Uruguay, had received radiation and chemotherapy, but the illness eventually spread. The world, including Uruguay, was shocked by her demise.

Because of her charm, wit, and beauty, De Armas was a highly regarded and appreciated young lady. De Armas’ family requested privacy during this trying time and expressed gratitude for the words they had received on her Instagram account.

Sherika departed in peace, surrounded by the love of her family and friends,” her family wrote.

“She will always be in our hearts.”

The current Miss Uruguay, Carla Romero, dedicated a few words to Sherika.

“Too evolved for this world. One of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life,” she posted.

“I will always remember you, not only for all the support you gave me and how much you wanted to see me grow, but for your affection, your joy, the friends we shared and that remain with me today”, Lola de los Santos, Miss Uruguay 2021, also said.

Sherika de Armas Illness and health explored

Sherika de Armas’s death has been connected to cervical cancer. The cervix, the bottom portion of the uterus that connects to the vagina, is where abnormal cell growth occurs, according to the Mayo Clinic, and is indicative of cervical cancer. The human papillomavirus (HPV), a common infection spread through sexual contact, is the primary cause of most cervical malignancies. Normally, the immune system of the body can stop the virus from doing any damage. But in a tiny number of people, the virus can linger for years and cause malignant cervical cells to form.

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