She’s Not Done Entertaining Ghanaians Yet!| Nikki Samonas Wants To Show You More

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Nikki Samonas is certainly not the type of girl, who would listen to your negative criticisms. Despite the pile of insults splashed on her face when she attended the 4syte music video awards in november wearing a dress that exposed her brea*ts.

She had disclosed that the reason, why did that was because, she wanted to entertain Ghanaians, thats’ why she intentionally wore that dress to expose her brea*ts. Maybe it’s also an attempt to skip buying braziers or avoid washing them , Nikki! (my own silly thought)

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It appears, the actresss/tv presenter is not done entertaining Ghanaians yet as she wears another sexually suggestive dress, that bares her firm fair breasts out. Nikki Samonas was spotted wearing this elegant blue dress, which exposes the breats that sit on her chest. Yes, I couldn’t stop starring at them, for they were indeed beautiful. The outfit matches her persona, and the design-cut on the side of her dress, which also exposes a bit of her chicken but sexy thighs gives a reason why you should love her. She rocks and looks beautiful, innit?

Nikki Samonas’s Dress To the Ghana Movie Awards

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