She’s not one of these women that needs protecting- A source close to Jada Pinkett says she wasn’t happy about Will Smith’s slap

In furtherance of the unending debate about Will Smith’s assault of Chris Rock on the night of the Oscars which will take forever to be forgotten, a source close to the actress has said she is not enthused about what her husband did.

The source confirmed told US Weekly that although Smith’s spontaneous reaction did not make Jada Pinkett Smith “angry,” she “wishes he didn’t” get physical with the comedian. “It was in the heat of the moment and it was him overreacting.

He knows that she knows that. They’re in agreement that he overreacted,” the source added.

The Wicked Wisdom rocker didn’t want Smith to get into a fight to defend her, according to the source. “She’s not one of these women that needs protecting.

He didn’t need to do what he did, she didn’t need protecting. She’s not a wallflower,” the source shared. “She’s a strong woman, an opinionated woman and she can fight her own battles. But she will stand by him.”

In the midst of the scandal, the couple, who have been married since 1997, received support from friends and family. “They protect their family. They’re all about their family and their kids. They’ve done everything to build this life for themselves,” the source continued about the pair, who share son Jaden and daughter Willow together. “They are very much protected in their own lives and do the absolute best they can to protect their loved ones.”


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