“She’s now a suspect and was never pregnant”-Ghana Police Service says on ‘Missing but found Josephine Mensah’

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The Ghana Police Service has also said in an official statement released to the public that, the missing but found ‘pregnant’ Josephine was never pregnant after their investigations and are now treating her as a suspect.

Over the past few days, the story of Josephine Panyin Mensah who went missing on September 16th, 2021 and found on September 21 has inundated Social media space with several conspiracies surrounding her disappearance with earlier reports even suggesting that, she was kidnapped by money ritualists and almost used for sacrifice.

With the first picture of her popping up and no baby bump, people began to ask questions about it considering that her husband had told the police she was 9 month pregnant when she went missing.

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Yesterday, the Western Regional Minister stated that, preliminary investigations show that, Josephine who was said to be pregnant was actually not pregnant.

We were waiting on an official statement from the police on the matter as it had derived a lot of public interest.

The Police Statement:

According to the Ghana Police Service, Josephine Panyin Mensah was never pregnant after doctors at the Axim Hospital examined her following her reappearance.

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The police also stated that atlhough Josephine mentioned the European Hospital as where she had visited, reports at the hospital show she was there in October last year and was not pregnant at the time then.

They also added that they are treating her as a suspect now in the matter and have arrested three other people and are undergoing investigations.

The police also added that people have faked their own kidnappings in the past several times all in an attempt to get some ransom from family and friends.

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Read the full statement below:



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