Shining Ewe Men Like You and Stonebwoy Keep falling Into The Trap of Marrying Akan Ladies – Fan Tells Ayigbe Edem

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Ayigbe Edem, “Toto” singer and Stonebwoy and even the late President Rawlings have received backlash for being Ewe men who married Akan Ladies.

Edem, who was evidently frustrated by the “subliminal disdain and disregard” meted out to Ewes in social setting such as offices took to Twitter to vent, saying, “You would never ever truly feel how Ewes are treated till you are in the skin of one.. From insinuations ,to preconceived notions, to subliminal disdain and disregard ,at work places in social circles ,to marriage ,in closing deals, it’s crazy”

However, the response he got from one Kofi Nutekpor was not a comforting one. He rather criticised Edem, Stonebwoy and the Late President Rawlings for falling into the trap of marrying Akan ladies.

“Then u shining Ewe guys get money noor you go and mary Akan ladies. Stonebwouy and yourself. Even Rawlings was caught in this trap,” Nutekpor wrote.

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