SHOCK Video: Nigerian Boy Goes Mad On Streets; Keeps Shouting “I Want To Do Yahoo” As He Types His Yahoo Letter To Mother Earth

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In a new video that has dropped on the Social media space, a young man who seems to be a Nigerian by judging from language and comments is seen half-nakeked screaming “I want to do Yahoo” on one of the streets of Lagos. cannot state what exactly went wrong but some people have attributed it to money ritual going wrong, while others also think he’s having some high fever or must have taken too much tramadol.

In the video, the unidentified young man, is seen on his knees screaming “I am a yahoo boy” then he smashes his fingers against the hard earth as though, he was typing out some letter to mother earth then he’s heard screaming again “yahoo yahoo yahoo yahoooooo”— It’s quite sad huh?

Well, regardless of what might of caused him to find himself in that state, it’s also an undeniable fact that, most young people today are not ready to do legit work to make it in life and always want to use short cut to make money.

Most of them when they land their body in wealth do not even use it for anything profitable except to chase all the girls in town while flaunting their money and cars on the streets and Social media.

Your favorite go-to entertainment blog, will keep an eye on the situation and update you once we are able to find more details as to what happened.

Watch the video below now:

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