Shocking!! Afia Schwarznegger Beats Up A Man, Got Arrested & Starts Crying To The Police; They’ve Stolen My Phone

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We just hope this time around, the media is not slashed for reporting this piece of news-We are just doing our job. has learned that Controversial radio queen, actress and tv presenter, Afia Schwarznegger has beaten up a man for allegedly stealing her phone and in the end got arrested by the police.

In a video exclusive to, the Kasapa Fm presenter, Afia Schwarznegger was captured beating up a man, who she claims stole her phone at the popular Aben Wo Ha omo tuo joint at Agbogba Junction in Accra.

- Advertisement - gathered that, Afia complained of someone stealing her smart phone and the suspect was arrested but moments after the comedienne had driven away, she then drove back, apparently DRUNK, and laid her angry hands on the the thief.

An eyewitness who contacted  disclosed that, her behavior shocked everyone present, as they didn’t expect that from a celebrity.

One woman  who seems to know her was heard saying the video ” Why do you behave that way, when you get drunk, it’s not a good thing, you are disgracing yourself”

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Speaking in a phone interview with, the eyewitness said “ She just drove back, looking drunk and started beating the thief up, even when we have caught the thief. We expected her to leave everything in the hands of the police. In the end, the police had no option than to putt cuff on her hands. She then started crying like a baby, saying that the man had stolen her phone”

Our source continued to tell us that, the phone was the new Iphone 6 and that he suspects, Afia has some very important materials on the phone, she didn’t want anyone to have access to.


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Before the incidence, the Kasapa girl had shared a picture of herself wearing the dress she wore in the video with the caption “Off to titanic beach to celebrate @choirmastergh #africasstrongesttvandradiopersonality.” Now, we know why she had to beat the man:She’s Africa’s strongest-Check her caption again!

Watch the video below:

We are equally surprised that a whole celebrity who drives a Jaquar would behave that way over a mere phone, especially when we can even easily buy her a new one, with our daily site revenue, should we decide to. 

Ghbase is gathering more on the story and will feed you in on what happened after and more. Stick n Stay.


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