SHOCKING: Ace broadcaster Tommy Annan’s Lover Finds Another Love

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Long time partner of veteran broadcaster, Tommy Annan Forson, has found another love she has nurtured all these years – thus, acting.

 Speaking to, the beauteous Nana Yaa Agyare said, “I’ve nursed this passion for years. I believe I have the skill and the looks to adequately communicate the message on a script. It’s not really about money even though it comes with the package. I’m hoping to take my acting career all the way. I believe this is the best time to use the talent.”

Sharing some challenges she’s faced since she started her journey, Nana Yaa evasively said “Hmmm. For now I wouldn’t want to be very specific because I’m just starting. I have been to lots of auditions and sometimes no response. There are challenges in every industry and as a woman it also comes with its challenges. But I’m focused and holding on to the favour of God which is already working in my life. It’s getting better.”

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Expressing optimism and how poised she is, she intimated that “in the midst of the stiff competition I dare to stand out. I know it takes, among other things, the actor to sell a movie. Hence as an actor I should be well packaged. I try to understand my role and the script and this I do by dedicating my time to studying the script from cover to cover even before I concentrate on my role.

“I then make sure to establish the appropriate personality and gestures to interpret my role appropriately visualizing. I believe my prospective viewers shouldn’t be taken for granted.” Asked if his partner, Tommy Annan Forson, has any qualms against her ‘new found love’ which comes with stiff completion, time-consumption and heavy press whamming, she disclosed with emotions.

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“Seriously! Gosh he is simply amazing! I say this with tears in my eyes! He tells me “go and become a star baby! I support you all the way!’ Tommy is something else!” According to Nana Yaa, she’s shot five movies not out yet, one TV series ‘Ultimate Story’ which is currently showing on GH One and also on a new Nigerian movie set – in which she is playing lead character.

A motivational speaker as she sometimes turns out to be, Nana Yaa used the opportunity to encourage and to advise young talents, stating, “to everyone I say love what you do and do it with your life. Don’t give up even when the going is tough. Above all trust in God and remain down to earth even when you get to the top.

“Perhaps I’d encourage ladies who want to get into acting to focus on what they have in them and not give in to the temptation that comes with it. They shouldn’t be too desperate because desperation attracts exploitation of all kinds. They should embrace hard work and be patient because their time will surely come.”

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She thanked Frank Ogbu of Crystal TV’s ‘Movie Review’ fame. Nana Yaa Agyare is a revered broadcaster with a dulcet articulation. She is a former student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism GIJ and has worked with Joy FM, Choice FM, Radio XYZ, Royal Swedish Consulate and currently as a Radio Tutor and Deputy Director at the prestigious radio training academy, Rabodef – owned by her partner, Uncle Tom.



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