SHOCKING!! This Girl Shows Her Big Pants At 4syte Just To Win Iphone 6

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It was not just an award show yester night, it was also an opportunity for the best dancer at the event to win a brand new iphone 6 kind courtesy of Starr Fm.

At the the 4syte music video awards show last night,  which was hosted by CEO of Empire Entertainment, Bola Ray, he gave the opportunity for some ladies to come rock the stage with their best dance moves, which will earn the winner a brand new iphone 6. Well, like it was expected, there were several ladies who were itching to grab that new iphone 6, so the lucky ones took to the stage, and they gave out their best dance moves. After some few minutes of dancing, the audience will be asked to then vote out a dancer.

They say, girls would do anything to get what they want, and one lady, whoose name is unknown, decided to do something different from what the other dancers were doing. In the full glare of the people present, she lifted her dress to show her fat ass sitting in those huge pants of hers, and that didn’t
just win her the iphone 6, she will also be supplied with club beer for six months and also get free credits for six whole months from MTN.

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She didn’t loose after showing that, it did win her what she wanted, it’s sad that the only way a woman can get something, is for her to show her naked self.


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