SHOCKING: All Human Beings Are Originally FEMALES – Males Are Secondary Species

Yes, all human beings are originally females – but the question is, originally, who are we? Once you know who human beings are, it will aid you in understanding the revelation in this masterpiece. First, human beings are SOULS residing in BODIES! We are not BODIES with SOULS – that is a spurious ism to ever believe in or argue for!

The simple experiment to prove this is to do this short excise: If you hold your nose, what do you say? You say ‘I’m holding my nose.’ If you hold your ear, you say ‘I’m holding my ear’ and so on. You don’t say ‘I’m holding I ear’ or ‘I’m holding I nose.’

The question is: who or what is saying MY ear, nose, etc? That MY is who you truly are – SOUL! Once you leave your body, we say you are DEAD! So death simply means, the soul is no more in the body. Some advanced people usually put it right when a person dies – they say: ‘he/she has left the body or he/she just left the body.’

But the big perplexing question is, is the soul male or female? This is where misunderstanding and curiosity, comes face to face with a mysterious answer.

According to Vedic literature, the soul is known as prakriti – thus, female. Females, per how God created them, symbolically, constitute the pleasure potency of God – so humans give God pleasure (like in our physical world where a father or mother takes pleasure in having, observing or playing with his or her baby).

The soul’s constitutional activity is to give enjoyment to the Lord who is the Supreme Male Enjoyer of everything in creation. So the soul is spiritually female since it is the ENJOYED and the Lord is the ENJOYER. This spiritual concept of femininity of the soul has nothing to do with the male and female material bodies.

Unfortunately some ignorant and unscrupulous people speculate about it on the material platform. Their thought patterns are distorted and thus they cannot differentiate between the spiritual and material. They try to notoriously misuse the truth of the soul’s femininity in regards to the Lord to satisfy their gross lusty material desires to flirt with female bodied souls calling everyone feminine.

The real spiritual truth about the soul’s relationship with God has nothing to do with whether you are in male material body or female material body. This is a very transcendental, auspicious, and sublime perspective of the soul and only a few may understand or believe.

Modern medical science (ask any modern obstetrician & gynaecologist) confirms that every foetus in the human womb is first conceived as a female only. Clinical observation of human embryo in the first 4-6 weeks after conception has proved beyond doubt that foetal genitalia typically conforms in all cases to the female anatomical and physiological structure. In other words, all human foetuses are conceived first as female only.

It is only after a few weeks of conception that hormonal processes occur (testosterone in the case of male embryos and estrogen in the case of female embryos) and it is then that the foetus begins actually to transform into either a fully developed male or female.

Human gender is determined in the womb first through hormonal change and only later through genetic or chromosomal manifestation. So I am symbolically a female as a soul! You are symbolically a female as a soul! We are all symbolically females as souls – take it or leave it. Until then…MOTWUM!!





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