SHOCKING REVELATION: Was Shatta Wale Serious About Bonking Samini’s Girlfriend?

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Shatta Wale must have sent a coded message to his rival in the industry through his latest music video and the decoded message is not soo good if that was what he meant.

The Dancehall king has released the music video for the his song “Pu*sy Arrest” and well, it’s just the normal music videos, we have been getting from him recently.

Well, we are not really interested in whether the music video is a good one or not, because, it’s subjective, so i wouldn’t comment much about it.

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One thing that caught my attention was a scene in the video where the girl in the video was banging him in the bed. If you watch closely, in that scene, the girl in the video  had an incoming call while f*cking Shatta Wale and the name that came up was Samini. Well, we can’t say it’s just coincendental because we all know that Samini is also an artiste and we don’t need to remind ourselves of the existing feud between these two dancehall artistes. Listening to the lyrics and perhaps judging from the title of the song itself, Shatta Wale was trying to create an impression.

I could be wrong, but come on, the dude is telling us something in the video. Although it’s just a music video, it could be that he has had something to do with maybe one of Samini’s girlfriends and he chose to tell everyone by using this music video. It could also be that, he is just using Samini’s name to hype himself even more because, there are several names, they could have chosen aside Samini to still portray the story they want to tell in their music video.

I know people would say, he is not the only one called Samini, but let me remind you that, there is a correlation between this music video and his latest song he has with Sarkodie “Me Gye Wo Girl”.

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Just ponder over it, and do the matchings, then you would share those similar sentiments with me. Thanks for reading, enjoy the video below and tell me your thoughts on this in the comment box below or follow me on twitter @chrishandlergh and tweet at me.


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