Show Boy Blasts Criss Waddle After His Apology: I Will Never Forgive You For Wasting My Time & Energy In Building AMG, My Loyalty Can’t Be Duplicated

Yesterday we published Criss Waddle’s apology letter to Shatta Wale and his former best friend, Showboy and in the emotionally laden letter he put on his Facebook page, he pleaded with Showboy to let his ego go and come back to the AMG camp.

In his ‘Wassce Standard essay’ apology letter, one could tell, Criss Waddle is not a happy person after Showboy left, because they used to be the best of friends and did a whole lot of things together as business partners as  well. has chanced upon Showboy’s reaction to Waddle’s apology letter and in a post he made on his Instagram, he disclosed that, he’s seen the letter and that he’s forgiven Criss Waddle but there’s one thing he can never forgive him for.

He wrote that he can never forgive Criss Waddle for wasting his time and energy in building AMG. In the same post, he revealed that he is the founder of AMG.


So how did their friendship end?

Well, what gathers is that, they’ve had lots of differences but have managed to always solve them amicably but it appears Showboy has serious anger issues and he just couldn’t take certain things his pal, Criss Waddle did at some point.

A source close to Showboy hinted us that, Criss Waddle owed Showboy some money but when he (Waddle) got some money, instead of him to settle his debts, he was rather living a luxurious lifestyle and when Showboy complained, Waddle got pissed off.

The reliable source also mentioned that, Medikal was one of the reasons why the friendship between Showboy and Waddle ended. We are told anytime issues about Medikal popped up in AMG and Showboy raised concerns, Waddle always took sides with Medikal and jumped to his defense all of the time.

We are also told that, Waddle has since settled his debts with Showboy.

So there you have it guys! The way things look, it would take sometime for Showboy’s wounds to heal before coming back fully to AMG.

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