Thursday, December 3, 2020

Showboy Jabs Sarkodie For Stealing His Signature & Rapping On It Without Due Credit 

Sam Safo better known as Showboy has lambasted Sarkodie for using his self styled signature in a song without due credit. His comment comes right after the release of the remix of ‘Meye Guy’ by Ypee featuring Sarkodie and Medikal.


On records, every musician has a signature that makes it easy for him or her to be identified. For example, whenever one hears ‘Huhh‘ in a song, the name that comes to mind is Sarkodie. Therefore, there’s the need for the name Sarkodie to be cited when other artiste uses it in a song for creativity sake.

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Fast forward, Showboy who used to be an astute member of Criss Waddle’s AMG Business is affectionately called ‘Paapa Ye Guy’ as far as Ghana music industry is concerned. Simply put, whenever one hears the signature ‘paapa ye guy’ as coined in Ypee’s song, the first name that comes to mind should be Showboy – every ardent music consumer knows this.


In like-manner,  Showboy was looking forward to hearing his name in some part of Ypee’s ‘meye guy‘ remix especially the version of Sarkodie. Sadly, it never happened that way. As such, dissapointed Showboy took to Twitter to voice his sentiment on the matter. He retweeted to Sarkodie that:

“I wonder how y’all feel after stealing my song , vibes and rapping on it !!! They said they were going to give me credit for using me y3 guy but obviously nobody did !! I pray my MALLAM forgive y’all for stepping on my little dream!Sad seeing my legend sark sell me out for bars !”

See tweet below:


But then, try to analyze the claims of Showboy and see if he has a point or he’s making just ‘noise’. For in the case of Showboy, he’s affectionately called, ‘Paapa ye Guy’ while Ypee’s own is ‘Meye Guy’.  Do you see any correlation between the two signatures?? – “Paapa Ye Guy” versus “Meye Guy”. We’ll leave that to you for  conclusion. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us on this matter.


In case you’ve not watched nor listened to the song yet, check it out below:

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