SIM Card re-registration is meant to just worry Ghanaians for nothing – IMANI Boss

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Franklin Cudjoe, President of IMANI Africa, has said that the government’s ongoing Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card reregistration is just a counterproductive exercise that seeks to inconvenience Ghanaians unnecessarily.

According to him, the claim by the government that the SIM reregistration would assist in clamping down on Mobile Money fraud is not convincing.

“The assumption that crime will automatically cease because we are going to register SIM cards is a bit farfetched,” Franklin Cudjoe told Citi FM, adding: “These fraudsters will be caught anyway, so the reasons are not sound.”

“What crimes have the millions of Ghanaians who have legitimately registered their SIM committed to being asked to go and re-register their SIM cards because you want to catch a few fraudsters?” he asked.

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The Ministry of Communication has disclosed that the re-registration of sim cards will commence from today, October 1.

As a reminder, Ghana’s Minister of Communications says the SIM Card re-registration exercise will last till March 2022 and it is intended to curb the mobile phone fraud menace.

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The Ministry of Communication also said users will require the National Identification card also known as Ghana card to be able to register their SIM cards and any SIM which is not registered at the end of this exercise will be blocked.

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