Simon Needham Missing Update: Has He Been Found Yet?

Simon Needham is a 51-year-old man white man who has gone missing. According to reports, Simon’s last known location was in the Bishop’s Stortford area. Essex Police is therefore appealing to the public to help locate him. In this post, we will be looking at the latest updates on Simon Needham’s missing saga and the progress made so far. Keep reading to find out more.

Who Is Simon Needham?

Simon Needham is a 51-year-old man white who has gone missing. According to the police, Simon has a height of about 6 ft 2 ins tall. He also has black hair. Essex Police is therefore appealing to the public to help locate him.

Where Was Simon Needham Last Seen?

Essex Police has made a sincere appeal to the local community for help in the search for Simon Needham, a resident of Braintree who has been reported missing. Simon was last seen in the Bishop’s Stortford area.

The concern is mounting among family and friends of Simon, as his unexplained disappearance is completely unlike his usual behaviour. Authorities are urgently seeking any details or leads from the public that could assist in locating him.

Every possible resource at the disposal of Essex Police is being mobilized to aid in the search. However, community participation plays a pivotal role in situations like this. If you possess any information regarding the whereabouts of Simon Needham, please get in touch with Essex Police without delay.

The response from the public has been extraordinary, as numerous volunteers have joined the search efforts, demonstrating immense community backing and unity.

Has Simon Needham Been Found Yet?

At the time of writing, Simon was still not found yet despite the thorough search efforts conducted by ESSEX Police and the support from the community.

Described as a Caucasian male, approximately 6 feet 2 inches tall, with black hair, he was last seen in the Bishop’s Stortford area. The ongoing search for Simon remains of utmost importance. If you possess any information about his location or recent appearances, it is urged that you promptly reach out to the police.

In these challenging times, unity and collective vigilance can make a significant impact. Your contribution could play a vital role in reuniting Simon with his concerned loved ones. Let’s maintain unwavering determination in our pursuit of ensuring his safe return.

Simon Needham’s Family Is Worried About Him

The Needham family, seeking assistance in locating their 51-year-old relative Simon Needham, who has gone missing from Braintree, is reaching out to you with heartfelt urgency.

Despite the dedicated efforts of both the local community and ESSEX Police, Simon’s current location remains unknown. His most recent sighting was in the Bishop’s Stortford area.

Ensuring Simon’s safety and well-being is the utmost priority for the Needham family. Regardless of how seemingly insignificant, any information you possess is valuable. Please step forward.

Your contribution could be the key to reuniting Simon with his worried family and friends. Don’t hesitate to contact the police promptly with any information you have. The strength of collaboration and unity during such circumstances cannot be underestimated.

Collectively, by providing relevant information, all of you can play a crucial role in bringing Simon back home. The Needham family extends their gratitude for the kindness and support they have received as they navigate through this challenging period.


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