“Since you want it this way let’s drag ourselves out into the mud” – Xandy Kamel tells Stacy Amoateng

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Loudmouth Angel Tv presenter, Xandy Kamel has threatened to send her boss at the Angel Group of Companies, Stacy Amoateng to the cleaners over an alleged beef that is beginning to sprout wings.

According to the little information gathered, Stacy and Xandy are alleged to have started hating on each other at the Angel Broadcasting Network with Stacy allegedly wanting to take Xandy’s show off the air maybe because of low ratings and Xandy is not having it.

Stacy Amoateng, according to an insider was working on Xandy’s show being taken off the air because she feels it has no significance in pushing the agenda of the Tv station.

Xandy who wasn’t happy after finding out what Stacey had been planning went straight to report Stacey to their overall boss, Dr Kwaku Oteng, badmouthing Stacy to the man which she also found out.

Xandy who seems fumed over happenings at ABN has taken to Instagram to send out a clear threat to an anonymous person, but since nothing happens in a vacuum, it’s quite clear the target for this must be Stacy Amoateng.

She wrote: “How can you shame the shameless? I am happy you have started. Since you want it this way let’s drag ourselves out into the mud,”

Xandy like a coward mentioned no name but we are aiming the barrel at Stacy.

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