Singer, Simi Questions The Act Of Spanking As A Mean Of Correcting A Child, Says Children Are Original Learners

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Popular Nigerian songstress, Simi has given an insight into the popular act of parents beating their wards as a means to correct their wrongs.

She however questioned the act of spanking a child as a means of correcting a child as she took to her Instagram page to add her voice.

She stated that children are original learners who require patience and communication when it comes to correcting their wrongs hence those two are the means of correction instead of spanking.

This came up as she made a caption to a tweet that asked people to stop beating their children because it teaches them to be violent and also condones violence from others as a sign of love.

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Simi wrote, “My take is why is it correction to beat a child when s/he’s wrong but physical abuse when you beat an adult for the same thing? Is it because they can’t fight back? “spare the rod” but shey na actual rod? Raising a child takes a ridiculous amount of patience and they will test it. Sometimes you might be so mad u want to even beat urself join lol – but is spanking really the answer?”

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