“Single People Have The Fanciest Ideas About Relationships And It’s Always funny”-Nigerian Man Says

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A Nigerian man is having quite a good laugh at single people right now as he says it is always funny how such people always have the fanciest ideas about relationships and how to make them work better.

It is very easy to have all the ideas about what will make something work well if you are outside but when you get in there, you’ll realise that it is probably not as easy as you thought it was.

Many unmarried people out there could spell out all the strategies that would make a marriage work, but when such people get into marriages themselves, they don’t last past one week.

It explains why even pastors, most of whom are counsellors, have failed marriages.

The Nigerian man with the Twitter handle, @MrOdanz found it funny when a lady made a comment on one thing she believes can make married people tick.

The lady with the handle, @Falilatt_ said; “Fixing your partner’s shirt button and cuff links seems like a little act but very intimate.”

Another lady with the handle @Dlaureate responded to Falilatt’s tweet, saying; “From there, we do small again before we go to work.”

It was at this point that Mr Odanz came in to have a good laugh and then said that unmarried people have the fanciest ideas about relationships.

“You people that are single have the fanciest ideas about relationships. It is always so funny,” he wrote.

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