Sister Debbie Worried About The Rumour That His Medikal ‘Banged’ Fella Makafui But The Love Is Deep–Insider

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medikal and his girlfriend

Efia Odo opened a can of worms this week when she alleged that Fella Makafui has been banging Medikal, the boyfriend of Sister Debbie. Although Efia Odo later regretted making those allegations and has subsequently apologized for slandering Fella Makafui on Social media because of anger, the harm has already been done and some people on Social media even believe that indeed it’s true.

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Well, we cannot categorically state whether it’s true or not, because we were not there but a source tells that,  he has strong reasons to believe that, Medikal has something to do with Fella Makafui because he’s seen Fella on two occasions at Medikal’s house.

Deborah Vanessa, aka Sister Debbie

Fella Makafui described Medikal as his brother and once even posted a picture of herself with Medikal, the only picture of Medikal, Sister Debbie refused to like on Instagram.

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Now a source close to Debbie has hinted to that, when Sister Debbie heard of the allegation, she was bit worried about it but has not discussed it with Medikal. The source tells us that, Sister Debbie is really in love with Medikal and would want any trivial matter to end their relationship at this stage as she’s really hoping to get married to the AMG rapper.

“Sister Debbie was worried oo, in a way because someone had told her that before but she does not believe such gossips. She’s soo much into Medikal right now that, she’s not ready to fight with him over some mere allegations.”

“They are in love, that I can say but you know men are like that, and Sister Debbie understands that, so she’s taking it really cool as there is no evidence yet, so maybe what Efia Odo said is not even true.” our source tells us

Sister Debbie who is only 8 years older than Medikal started dating the rapper back in  2016 and has said in an interview that, she’s not bothered about it and Medikal is also matured and has no problem with that.

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