Sizwe Dhlomo Reveals Beyonce Should Have Expected Backlash After Wearing SA Largest ‘Yellow Diamond’ For Tiffany & Co Shoot

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Media Personality Sizwe Dhlomo has added his voice to the backlashes being sent out to American pop star, Beyonce after her photo with Jay Z wearing Tiffany Yellow Diamond finds its way to the internet.

The powerful couple got featured in a photo just recently with United States luxury jewelry and specialty retailers Tiffany & Co. but fans started criticizing after spotting the Classic Diamond on her neck which was found in SA in 1878.

As the photo is classic, as both couple brands are, the most talked-about aspect of the photo, was the $30m worth diamond which is 128.54-carat yellow diamond.

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It’s one of the biggest yellow diamonds ever discovered in South Africa in Kimberley in 1878 and after the photo surfaced on the internet, Beyonce received heavy criticism.

As it’s one of the largest rocks to leave the country there’s a serious controversy around the diamond hence fans are quizzing if the issue was heavy on her or not.

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Size has however taken to the bird app to revealed that the star should fire the person who knew about the history behind the rock but didn’t make her aware of it as she’s being resorted to receiving backlash.

According to the Kaya Fm host, someone big as Beyonce should have been aware of what the diamond was about to spark before she wore it noting that it wasn’t logical with the time the image was published as it was in a global pandemic.

He said, “At some point you just need to know that once you’re that big, everything is smoke. It’s a pandemic, people are starving, the global sentiment is anti-rich, carry that cross and live with it. That’s what being the top 1% comes with. She knew, if not, she should have”

He however added in a separate tweet that, “I’ve got no problem with people calling out ostentatiousness. That same feeling that made you feel like that sh*t was worthy of an Instagram post, well, that’s the feeling that makes those that don’t have it feel excluded. Own that stunt! It’s what you wanted, right”

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