Slap any broke boy who comes to propose love to you’ – Ghanaian woman charges (+ video)

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They say love is the greatest virtue but “money too they say is blood”, a phrase popularised by both Daddy Lumba and Pat Thomas. Perhaps reason why love alone can’t make contemporary relationships work but a blend of the two.

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Whatever the case, we’ve sighted a footage of a jobless Ghanaian lady on the internet who’s inspiring her fellow ladies to slap the hell out of any broke guy that will come to propose love to them.

Slay queen
Slap any broke guy who comes with relationship proposal
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The jobless lady explained that some Ghanaian men has changed themselves into Busta Rhymes with the aim of speaking sweet words into the ears of women. She added that they do use sugarcoated words that could make one easily fall prey to the ‘fvck’ love.

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The aggrieved lady said their sweet words, however, do not add any value to their lives and that such men are good for nothing. She, therefore, advised all women to go in for the best men who would be able to foot their bills.

Watch video below:



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