Slay Queen Makes Damning Revelation On How She Uses Sperms From Men To Make 500 Euros A Night

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A leaked chat between a young lady and a slay Queen  has surfaced online. The content of the chat exclusively available to reveals how the lady in question deviously steals the sperms from men they sleep with to sell to people in exchange of money.

In trying to convince a 21 year old girl to join the sisterhood money club, the lady whose name was saved as Angela asked gave her some tips on how to easily get the sperms from men she sleeps with.

According to Angela, to be able to steal a sperm from a guy the lady has to convince the guy to cum in her mouth when she gives him oral s3x. She then has to pretend to go and spit it in the bathroom where spits it inside a container and keeps for the ritual.

Angela however made it clear that the process of making the money doesn’t involve a lot blood, death or anything that will affect the man the lady sleeps with.

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Read through the chats below and share your thoughts with us.

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