Slay queen with incredible backside teaches ladies how to do it properly in the bedroom- Watch

A slay queen who is of the strongest conviction that a lot of ladies are not treating their men right in the bedroom department has surfaced with a tutorial depicted in a new video.

The beautiful lady whose massive backside was in the right proportion for the lesson she dished out, tilted her backside up while her midsection bent down with her head going down low- what looks like an upgraded version of doggy.

The video has come in handy given the adventures of modern couples in our dispensation. Watch the video as shared by OccupyGh.

Away from that, a Nigerian lady has shared her opinion about the least amount of money one should have in his account before thinking about marriage.

In her view which sounds utterly ridiculous, any man who does not have at least N10 million, which is over ₵180,000 as savings is not qualified for marriage.

Her message came in a form of a video that was shared on social media sparking divergent views from netizens in the process.

She said; ”As a man, if you don’t have at least 10million naira in your savings, Then you are not yet qualified for marriage.”


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