SlayQueen Drama: Sista Afia ‘Exposed’ For Faking It On Social Media & Efia Odo Can’t Stop Laughing At Her

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Sista Afia has been exposed on Social media and right about now, her a*us inside all make hot—Pardon us!

So Sista Afia shared a picture on Social media which suggested that, she used a Business class for a recent trip she made, when in reality she never boarded the business class on the plane but the Economy—Umm, it’s never a bad thing to use Economy, but if you are shy about it, don’t lie about using business class then just to create an impression that, you have the means to easily afford it.

After she shared a picture of a business class seat belonging to another woman,  the person called her out on Social media and described even what she was wearing that day. The person who is known as Rhoda Neeqauye mocked her and asked her if it was compulsory to create an impression that you boarded business class when in reality, you were at economy.

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You know Efia Odo and Sista Afia’s long-standing beef right? Yes, she couldn’t stop laughing and also decided to laugh at her on her Snapchat account.

Well, what Sista Afia did is the definition of what we call YAWA!

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Well, now she’s enjoying one hell of a long ass troll.

See below the post Efia Odo made

Sista Afia’s original post. She’s really leaving up to the character from her song, ‘Slayqueen’ ampa.


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