Slim Buster out with new single titled “Oh my baby” (video)

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Veteran Ghanaian musician Slim Buster has released another single “Oh My Baby” from his coming studio album, this time introducing a new genre he calls “Soul Life Music”.

This is his third single from the album after “Vuvuzela” and “Wee Ye Mo Seke”.

Slim expressively sings about his plans and good thoughts for a loved one and remembering the fond times together.

In a Facebook live the video was premiered through, Slim revealed that “Oh My Baby” is a “Soul Life Music” that is made up of African percussion mixed with other rythms.
The song was produced by Finnez. He, along with Slim, are all credited under the production. Albert a member of Back Stage Entertainment is also credited with the visuals of the track.

Slim Busterr hinted launching an album by close of the year when he returns from UK.

Watch video below;

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