Being Slim Doesn’t Mean You’re Ill Or Broke, A Case For Rapper Asem

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Photos of Asem of Give me blow fame surfaced on the internet few weeks ago. The said photos generated intense debate on social media with some accusing the rapper, born Nana Wiafe Asante of suffering from an incurable ailment.

In the pictures that were shared by the rapper himself, he looks rather lean. Many attributed his long absence from the music scene to ill health, a confirmation of which was the pictures he shared.

The rapper laughed it off, saying, “They say I have grown slim, like I give a [hoot] …what you think I laugh soo hard my six packs crack lmao. For lack knowledge oh my people, rather in shape than overweight, loosing weight is very difficult guys, a lot of discipline, I struggled to get to this point and the pay off is amazing he said.

Always try to be on the loosing side, gaining weight I soo easy any fool can achieve that. To all those who live this healthy life I can say kudos you’re on the right path, to rest of y’all who still don’t get it, still don’t exercise and classify food as good living I can only feel sorry.”

Jessica Saforo of Citi FM also received some flak from social media commenters when she also decided to embark on the same journey months ago. It’s really pathetic that people equalize slimness to illness or being broke. In Ghana, lots of plump men with pot bellies are considered rich and powerful. When you are slim, the first question splashed rudely at you is, “are you sick, don’t you have money?” That has been the erroneous opinions carried by people with no knowledge about the dangers of being overweight.

Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver, depression, sleep apnea, asthma and several diseases are associated with overweight. Mortality experts predict that chubby kids will live shorter lives than their parents. Affluent people have a synonymous routine which include junk foods intake, high-calorie, low-nutrient snacks and beverages and less exercise. Highlighting on the disadvantages of overweight or being Obolo will put people on the alert and that maintaining normal weight will lead to a healthier and a fulfilled life.

What is overweight in the first place? When people eat more calories than they burn off, their bodies store the extra calories as fat. The reality is some people put on weight when they have actually intended to so. This could be hereditary. It means it runs in the family. What this means is that genetically such people are prone to excess weight than others because thy burn calories more slowly.

How can one determine one is overweight? There is a simple measurement doctors and health care professionals use. It’s called body mass index. You do this by calculating your weight (in kilograms) over your height (in centimetres). A normal BMI should fall within 19 and 25.

We have probably seen some emotional and physical stress that obese people go through on daily bases. Walking for longer period is a big problem for them, difficulty in breathing, struggling to fit in into clothes and another weird but true fact that indicates that employers say plump people work more slowly so are the least preferred in the job market (though arguable).

It’s apparent from the foregoing that Asem’s case is a laudable one, if indeed the explanation he gave in relation to his photos is factual. We should enlighten ourselves with the dangers of obesity to avoid avoidable deaths.

A wholesome lifestyle is ultimate is the only catalyst in achieving one’s goal in life.

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