Tuesday, November 24, 2020

SM Fan Slam Shatta Wale For Poor Music Video Of His Song ‘Sleepless Night’- Says He Might Have Used Infinix Phone To Shoot It

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An SM fan has spoken the ‘hard truth’ about his mentor Shatta Wale concerning his music video ‘Sleepless Night’.

This is the first time we have heard someone from the SM camp criticizing the boss. SM fans are regarded as the most loyal fans on earth who don’t dare go against their boss, no matter what.

Condemning the video, the guy said the video seems to have been edited by some wayside directors who have little or no idea on the job thus making it unattractive and has poor quality.

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Another reason for disliking the video is the fact that Shatta Wale invests little in his video production, because of fear of investing too much and not getting back the money.

He said: “I always have issues with the color temperature of his videos apparently shot and edited by his boys or novice directors. Mostly the warm shades are too easy to notice. Choosing the right colors for your video can make it more visually appealing and help to get your message across.

Choosing the wrong colors as well as poor or no lightening can not only make your video unattractive or difficult to understand, it can make it downright headache-inducing to watch. I do get Shatta Wale’s idea of using small budget to make a video due to the fear of investing heavily and not recouping his investment. Thus, running at a lost.

Regardless, this video right here looks like he used the Infinix Note 7 that was gifted him as the brand ambassador to shoot this.”

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