SM is a religion, and Shatta is our founder- A Plus ‘speaks in tongues’ after successful concert by Shatta Wale

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An overly impressed A-Plus took to his Facebook page to heap accolades on Shatta Wale for pulling a mammoth crowd to his Freedom Wave concert which he co-headlined with rapper Medikal.

A-Plus who is undoubtedly a strong fan of Shatta Wale praised him for his consistency and for single-handedly writing his own history with what he has done for himself so far in the mainstream, including the big crowd that witnessed his recent concert.

Ultimately, he gushed over him saying Shatta Movement is a religion founded by Shatta Wale. His full post is as follows;

“SM is an ideology, not an individual. Though it was not a free show, some may say we filled the stadium because admission was free.

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We accept whatever you have to say but we cannot admit it because that is not the fact. Even if it is so, ask your church or political party to organize a free event and see if the stadium can be filled without bussing people from branches, circuits, or constituencies and feeding members.

They say Charles Nii Armah Mensah is a local champion; I’m sure Beyonce is from Assin Dompem 🙄 SM is a religion, and Shatta is our founder. We hate injustice, fake lifestyles, victimization, and oppression. We believe in doing our best and wishing others well. The only one Shatta is in a competition with is himself.

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His aim is to better his yesterday. We adhere to beliefs, faith, and practices generally regarded as the doctrines of equity; nobody must suffer injustice!

Nkwasiasɛm yɛ yekyiwadiɛ number one!! #SM is for life. #4LYFIS4LYF. Like Jesus and Christianity or Muhammad and Islam (Sallā llāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam 🙏), Shatta Wale will go, but SM, a corporate body, shall live forever 🙌🏾💪🏿 Thanks to Medikal and all ithers for the support. We bless you 🙌🙏”


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