I Smoke But What I Smoke Can’t Be Mentioned on Radio – Yaa Pono

There are so many cases our Ghanaian musicians have been accused of engaging themselves in drugs especially when thy’re performing on stage. However, whenever they’re being accused about the matter, majority of them try to prove themselves as being innocent.


However, controversial Ghanaian rapper, Yaa Pono has confessed he smokes but insists what he smokes is not to be mentioned on radio. The rapper, born Solomon Adu Antwi, revealed that he is a fun-loving social person who drinks occasionally and also smokes.


“I drink alcohol sometimes,” he told Ohemaa Woyeje in an interview on Work and Happiness on Adom FM. He admitted that he smokes but was quick to explain that “I don’t smoke cigarette all…”.


Asked what he smokes, the Tema-based rapper stressed that, “I can’t say it on radio…” Apart from what he smokes, the rapper also talked about his life, music, controversial and other pertinent issues about his personality.


Watch the video below below:





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