Monday, November 30, 2020

“So You Came Here To Fight With Me”?–Ayittey Powers Punches Baba Spirit On Live Tv & It’s Making Us Laugh Out Here (Full Video)

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An old video which sees Ghanaian boxer, Ayittey Powers beating Baba Spirit on Live Tv has started trending again on Social media and it’s surprising that something that happened far back in March 2017, has become a trend again some few days to March in 2018.

In the original video, as we’ve attached below on, Ayittey Powers was being interviewed on Sokoo Hemaa’s show on ATV when all of a sudden Baba Spirit walks into the show, saying that he’s heard on several platforms that, he cannot come “face-to-face” with Ayittey Powers and that he’s come to prove that he’s not scared of the boxer as some people have posited because of the beef that exists between them.

“Me I am not afraid of anything, they’ve been sayinf on tv and radio that, me I can’t meet him one-on-one, who is he, is he not the one sitting down here” A loud Baba Spirit is heard confidently speaking as he walked into the studio to take his seat.

Ayittey Powers who got angered at that point by his statement, questioned him in Ga, if he came to the studio to fight with him.

“So you came here to fight with me or what?” Ayittey Powers is heard asking in Ga

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Then Baba Spirit raised his voice and asked the host, if it was him, he wanted to talk to on the show or ‘that thing’ sitting down there, he said while pointing fingers at Ayittey Powers.

Guys, it was at this stage, that Ayittey Powers lost his cool and decided to beat him and we feel, Baba Spirit just brought that upon himself. The producers of the show too didn’t try, it was almost like they decided to trap Ayittey Powers.

Watch the full video below and be the judge

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