Social media destroying a lot of marriages – Uncle Ebo Whyte

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The days of glorious marriages and healthy love relationships may be a thing of the past if instantaneous messaging or otherwise known as social media is to become a permanent feature of modern life.

Truth and trust have become aliens in contemporary relationships largely due to the influx of social media and it’s destroying a lot of marriages as in the voice of seasoned playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte.

“You really feel Instagram and WhatsApp have destroyed a lot of marriages eeh?” Sit-in host of the Joy Super Morning Show (SMS), Animwaa Anim-Addo, asked him.

“Yea, we didn’t have Instagram and WhatsApp,” responded Uncle Ebo Whyte, who is also the Director of Roverman Productions.

Aside social media which is a major factor causing the abrupt end of modern day relationships, Uncle Ebo Whyte shockingly revealed that there exist some familiar spirits which hate the success of relationships.

To the best knowledge of the renowned playwright cum counsellor giving pep talks to musician Okyeame Kwame and wife, Whyte posited that the spirit hates good relationships and will not settle until it has destroyed it. Therefore, couples should do things on the low in order to achieve relationship success.

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