Social Media Mourns Beautiful Ghanaian Woman Who Passed On- Photo/Video

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Tributes have poured in for a Ghanaian girl Keziah Owusu who died on Wednesday, February 3, 2021. 

This news was first shared by UK-based Ghanaian lawyer and blogger Chris Vincent Agyapong who actually did not provide additional information about what culminated in the lady’s untimely death.

He actually used the unfortunate death of the beautiful Ghanaian lady to reinforce the notion that death as painful and unavoidable as it’s, shows why humans must make the most of the little time they have on earth. The respected blogger wrote;

This is Kezia Owusu. She just died last night—like that. Such deaths, though inevitable, should make us all attempt to understand life—and come to the conclusion that the stress we take on ourselves is not worth it. What’s the point of everything you are fighting or working hard for, especially the material things you are chasing when you will one minute just die—and if you are not really happy while you are here? It’s this and many other life assessment that caused our journey to become African Minimalists. So that we can focus on the things that really make us happy and spend our limited time on this earth purposefully. Life should be lived on your own terms and within the borders of your own dreams—not what anyone thinks, especially not follow society’s so-called blueprint. I hope she was happy and content because a lot of people are not in this world.

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