Social media sensation, Sheena Gakpe spotted doing the most with her backside as she rivals Hajia Bintu- Watch

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Women’s homologous backside has become priceless to them in the contemporary setup which is why the flagrant display of butts has become the norm lately.

Moreover, social media has played a huge role in redefining this new craze where women think their backside has the potential to open more doors for them than their intelligence.

Well, since the average Ghanaian man goes wild when a huge backside is tossed in his face, we have culled a template from the camp of Sheena Gakpe.

We spotted her making a huge statement with her incredible backside which ultimately makes what Hajia Bintu has a ‘child’s play.’

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Watch the video below;

In a related development, Kelly Bhadie has asked her followers and admirers not to give credence to the alleged ѕєχ тαρє attributed to her.

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The US-based Togolese internet sensation suddenly assumed centre stage once again after a viral video of a young lady purported to be making it with her boyfriend was leaked online.

Although it appears the girl in the video does not look anything like Kelly, those who first shared the video claimed it was her, leading to a brief hubbub in the mainstream.

Having realised the damage the propaganda was causing to her newfound fame, Kelly has come to say she is not the one in the viral ѕєχ тαρє and had therefore asked people to disassociate her name from the scandal.

She posted thus;

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