Socrate Sarfo Attacks EL & Says He Would Snatch His Award And Give It To Bisa Kdei

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Socrate Sarfo Attacks EL & Says He Would Snatch His Award And Give It To Bisa Kdei

Just this past Saturday, (14th May, 2016) EL who  won the artiste of the year at the 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was in the studios of Peace Fm on their entertainment review program to thank fans for voting for him and also to talk about other matters.

Remember we reported that, EL explained what he meant when he stated in a very emotional mood that, Paedae was a good rapper. If you missed that story, please read it here. [Read:EL Reacts On Why He Made The Emotional Statement That Paedae Is A Good Rapper]

Well, on that very in the studio, when it got to the turn of Socrates Sarfo to ask EL some questions, he poured out his anger saying that, EL does not deserve the artiste of the year. Socrates Sarfo opined that,  Bisa Kdei  had songs which were much more popular than that of his (EL) and also Bisa Kdei played more shows nationwide under the year under the review.

Socrates further went on to say that if Bisa’s “Mansa” and “Brother Brother” was played at anytime and his (EL) songs were played, people would jam to Bisa Kdei’s song.

“My brother, to be honest with you, I have looked around and I see you didn’t come with your awards, I would have taken it from you and given it to Bisa Kdei. I bet you because the guy deserved it. I am not kidding about this, like I would have taken it from you because between you and Bisa Kdei in the absence of the obvious winner(Shatta Wale) who was not participating, Bisa Kdei has done extremely far better than you across the country..”

So what was EL’s response?

He laughed off and said;

I had wanted to come with the awards, but when I heard you (Socrates Sarfo) were in the studio, I decided to leave them home

And for those who feel EL doesn’t deserve the artiste of the year award, well he says he’s sorry if you feel that way and that you should get ready to be converted because he’s going to work even much harder.

Now Listen To The Audio Below On What Transpired In The Studio:



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