Socrates Safo On Tinny Again: “Someone Should Recommend A Good Brand Of Condom To Tinny, He Has 16 Different Children With Women”

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It appears the feud between Socrates Sarfo and Tinny is not going to end yet. We normally see feuds between colleagues who are in the same field, but this is one between a film maker and a musician.

So how did it all began? Well, sometime back  Tinny had appeared as a guest musician on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review program to promote his single, “Badder than them” and as usual panel members on the show were asked to pass their comments on the song.
Sources disclose that, Tinny found comments made by Socrates about his song to belittle him and that even almost landed them in a fight in the studio that day.
Tinny who must have been angry then, called Socrates a failed movie maker, just as he also trashed his song.
Tinny must have carried all of the anger in him, to the extend that, he even released a single purposely to insult Socrates. It appears, Socrates upon hearing those bitter lyrics directed at him, also decided to expose an ugly secret about Tinny on his Facebook wall.
Just yesterday, June 27th, Socrates posted
“Obrafuo is an example of a responsible artiste worth emulating by the youth , he knows his wife and has disciplined the animal in between his legs. This Tiny boy is an example of untamed cobra in an opened flap  
Giving birth pio pio pio every where I dont believe he’s got only four children, I heard they are 16, with different women at his age. Pls someone should recommend a good brand of condom, or castration will save our innocent girls who attend the shows.”
socrates safo on tinny
It appears, the feud would go on for nobody knows how long and we know the “Mazola Kwakwe” musician would soon send his reply, either in a song or maybe he might just choose to do a remix of the song, he dedicated to Socrates.
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