Software Engineer Narrates How Nigerian Police Took 100k Naira From Him For Having His Laptop With Him

A Nigerian man is lamenting and fuming after he was, according to his narration, charged a 100k Naira for having his laptop with him at the time the police saw him.

The man said that after finding no crime on him, they asked him to follow them to the station or pay 500k naira, meanwhile, he was running late for a flight he had to catch.

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Read below as the man shared his ordeal in the hands of the Nigerian police;

“Earlier today, officers of@PoliceNG robbed me of 100k in the presence of my wife.

My only crime was having my official laptop with me. They couldn’t pin any crime on me so they insisted I follow them to station or pay 500k.

I was running late for my flight, so I had to be diplomatic with them.

We had a lot of back and forth and I finally had to settle for 100k (payment for being a Nigerian).

I know nothing will be done, but I’m just putting my story out here for people to know our fight is far from over.

I tweeted this just before my flight took off, so I didn’t see the replies until now that I’m home.

A few people have reached out to me about the issue and I will reply once I settle in. I appreciate the support from everyone.

For the sake of transparency, I will drop details about the event including payment methods and receipts.

I also want to categorically state that I was very cooperative and engaging.

My communication was totally aimed at de-escalation.

I’ve seen comments insinuating that I tweeted half-truth, some are blaming me for paying while others think I had a skeleton in my cupboard. Omo mo phor o.

This is how typical Nigerians think: We choose to blame victims of unfortunate situations rather than give them justice.

First of all, I’m a software engineer previously with @Andela and now with @BrightComputing in the Netherlands.


I only came home for Christmas and was returning to my base and I know better than to let Nigerian police delay me.”

Follow the thread to read the man’s story;

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