Soldiers in uniform steal the show at colleague’s wedding as they do a formation dance with bride

A group of soldiers made their presence felt at a colleague’s wedding when they hit the dance floor to enact a formation dance with the bride.

The interesting video was shared on TikTok and it captured the moment the bride and the groom were dancing in the middle of the dancefloor while the men in military uniform surrounded them.

The soldiers danced around the bride and groom with military precision in a well-choreographed movement. It is assumed the groom is also a soldier and the men in uniform came to support him.

Watch the video as shared on TikTok;

Also trending on, a Ghanaian lady has earned a moment of fame on the internet and it predictably has to do with her alluring physical anatomy.

In an era when women with the kind of body she possess will opt to become slay queens characterised by their stinking sense of entitlement, this lady works hard as Gob3 (gari and beans) vendor and this is probably why netizens are celebrating her.

Although her identity has not been established yet, the focal point was centred on her decision to make money legitimately on her own via hard work.

Apparently, a tweep who went to patronise her food filmed her briefly and shared it online. Watch the video as shared by @VandeMaestrogh;


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