Solomon Buchi Spills The Beans; Says Men Flirt With Many Women But They Often Know Whom They Want For A Wife

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Solomon Buchi, a Nigerian life coach and gender equality activist has said that though men would normally flirt around with many women, they know what they really want and won’t compromise on their standards.

According to him, if a man wants a submissive wife, he wouldn’t mind waiting for her no matter how long it takes.

They normally would not just jump at any women because they are desperate to get married and so if the submissive woman they want to marry doesn’t come as quickly as they would wish, they always wait, unlike women who tend to compromise and go for just anybody.

Solomon Buchi added that men are very finicky about what they want and that makes it impossible for them to give up on what they so desire.

For him, the past four years have seen him being single and that isn’t down to the fact that he hasn’t seen women but it is just that he has his preference that he hasn’t seen yet and thus waiting for whenever the one he desires does come around.

Solomon Buchi dropped the bombshell that men will often flirt and hang around with a lot but know exactly what they want and that explains why a man would often leave a lady he seems to be getting along so well with for another woman.

“Let me tell you this: Men hardly compromise their standards. If a man wants a submissive woman, he will wait till she shows up. Men are very finicky about what they want and they hardly give up. I wish women will adopt this drive too. Women are always the ones compromising,” Solomon Buchi wrote.

“I’ve been single for 4 years. Not that I haven’t met women, but I know exactly what I want. Most women cannot wait, but Men are very calculative and it’s not inherently so, it’s just because we are groomed to feel justified by achieving our set goals,” he added.

He added that men are actually a bit more selfish than women are and that to him is a bad thing.

“Even when a man is playing around with many women, he knows what he really wants, and that’s why we see instances where men leave relationships even at the height of demanding responsibilities. Why? Men are selfish much more than women, and that’s not always a bad thing,” he said.

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