Some Famous & Educative Bible Stories For Kids

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There are so many wonderful Bible stories that teach kids valuable lessons they can use in their own lives. Therefore, listed below are some of the best Bible stories for children to learn before they grow up, organized in Biblical sequence.

Before children enter maturity, they should study the fundamental principles taught in the Holy Scripture so they have a reliable reference point for guidance in life.

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The Creation Story – Bible Reference: Genesis 1-2

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You must start from the very beginning when making a list of the top Bible stories for your children or in Sunday School. Everyone will ultimately think through their origins and purposes for being on earth in the first place.

All children should be familiar with the creation story since it marks the beginning of the creation of both the Earth and the people we see every day.

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The Story Adam & Eve – Bible Reference: Genesis 2-3

Children learn from the narrative of the first man and woman, Adam and Eve that even though God cannot be seen, He sees everyone and knows every thought of His people. Everyone should be aware of and strive for an honest relationship with the Lord rather than adopting the belief that God may be concealed from.


The Story Of Noah – Bible Reference: Genesis 6-9

Noah was patient and calm throughout the entire process, which included the lengthy time it took to construct the ark and the lengthy time it took for the deluge to end. A lovely illustration of faith is also given by the narrative of Noah. This Bible story is very simple to draw children in because it includes animals and a sizable boat.


The Story of Abraham & Sarah – Bible Reference: Genesis 17, 18 & 21

It’s amazing to learn that Abraham and Sarah were far older than the average individual will ever be. A fantastic illustration of believing God for what is impossible for humans is the faith that they had to have in God to do what looked impossible to human intellect.


Daniel & The Lion’s Den – Bible Reference: Daniel 6

Daniel and the Lion’s Den is a thrilling and exciting book that illustrates faith via an animal encounter that everybody can connect to and understand. It’s a good idea to think back on Daniel’s steadfast faith when things are tough. demonstrating the love and care that God has for people who love and trust in Him.


Jonah – Bible Reference: Jonah 1-3

Even when it appears that the Lord our God is far away—and in Jonah’s case when he believes he can flee from God. The narrative of Jonah demonstrates that, in the end, despite how far away He may seem, God never loses sight of anybody and is always present.

A child’s imagination might be greatly aroused by the idea of being inside a whale as they ponder what it might be like.


Jesus’ Baptism – Bible Reference: Matthew 3, Mark 1 & Luke 3

Depending on the denomination to which your church belongs, baptism may differ. Jesus’ baptism offers a strong foundation for the purpose of baptism and what it was meant to accomplish. It played a significant role in Christ’s life and offers an explanation for why baptism is still practised today.


The Temptation of Jesus Christ – Bible Reference: Matthew 4 & Luke 4

Even if some children would not understand what being “tempted” actually means, they will get the idea. Jesus was tempted in the same way that everyone else has been and will be. He offers a practical response to temptation that kids of all ages may apply to their own lives.


Jesus’ Birth – Bible Reference: Matthew 1 & Luke 2

The relationship between the Old and New Testaments is established by the birth of Jesus, which is crucial to comprehend the Christian faith. The birth of Jesus is commonly known even to those who do not attend Christian churches, but the specifics of His birth narrative that are taught and repeatedly made public each year teach a wealth of valuable teachings.

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The Good Samaritan – Bible Reference: Luke 10

For both children and adults, the Bible’s parable of the Good Samaritan is crucial. In addition to demonstrating an act of kindness, understanding, and compassion in a practical way, this story also demonstrates how simple it is to “look the other way” when we’re preoccupied with our own lives.

The Good Samaritan is a story that is applicable to people of all racial, economic, and social backgrounds on a daily basis.

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