‘Some Ghanaian Journalists Have Mental Problems’- Slim Busterr

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Slim Busterr has gone berserk on Ghanaian journalists who have criticized the remix of his hit song Masharita.

Speaking to radio personality and blogger Sammy Flex on Zylofon Radio, the ace musician who is also noted for his remarkable dancing ability said he finds it hard to understand why journalists in this country are quick to condemn without being constructive.

“I started recording “Masharita” remix about a year ago. I had plans of coming back to Ghana this October to launch an album but because of COVID-19, I paused on my recordings. I even booked a studio which cost me 220,000 pounds for an hour but I couldn’t record it because of COVID. So the song has been there for almost a year now.

I have also realized that anytime I try to release a new song, the trend in Ghana changes. So I decided it was better to release what I have than to wait for another year. So that was what I did. But I think the writer wasn’t constructive enough especially when he said I used a phone to shoot my video. You saw my equipment when you came to the UK right? I think Kwame Dadzie’s problem is either he’s got this histrionic personality disorder or the phone he uses is bad” he threw some jabs.

“I don’t know what type of phone he is using. Because when you watch the song from Youtube, you should be able to tell if the sound is not good or the quality of the video is low. What kind of quality is he talking about? You have to be constructive.

But you see, you are dealing with journalists who are disappointed musicians or comedians so this is what happens. When I used auto tunes about 16 years ago, a journalist at Graphic Showbiz criticized me but today tell me which artiste in the country doesn’t use auto tune? So sometimes when you think ten years ahead of journalists in creating something, they won’t call you for clarification” he said.





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