Saturday, December 5, 2020

“Some Hood Rat Said, If I Perform, Then He Won’t Also Perform”-Ara-B Reveals How Shatta Wale Sabotaged Him At Sarkodie’s Rapperhoilc

Shatta Wale’s former hyper and close friend, Ara-B has lamented in a post on Facebook about how he was prevented from performing at Sarkodie’s Rapperholic concert by Shatta Wale and his boys.

Ara-B who is also a dancehall artiste and currently managed by Bull Dog in a Facebook post, mentioned that he was billed to perform at the 2017 edition of Rapperholic but as sabotaged by Shatta Wale as Wale had warned that if he (Ara-B) is allowed to mount the stage and perform, he (Shatta Wale) would not also mount the stage to perform or host the show.

We know Ara-B and Shatta Wale fell out as friends sometime back and their beef resulted in Ara-B even getting arrested after he described Wale’s baby mama, Michy with some unprintable adjectives.

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After his release from cells, he released a song titled ‘Obishi’ in which he described  Shatta Wale as a rat and a coward for using the police to arrest him.

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So it’s obvious because of their feud, Shatta Wale wouldn’t want him to perform especially when he’s the one hosting the show.

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In the Facebook post, Ara-B wrote:

Since they can’t stand the heat they do nothing buh sabotage…Some Hood rat said if i perform he wont perform so I was sabotaged and couldn’t perform at the rapperholic..Only God thats y me and my crew left back stage..Nothing stops the sun from rising…OSM WILL BLOW…SOON DEM GO HEAR AM..OSM#BULLHAUS…DANCEHALL ADVICE Loading under 24hrs…Badmind can’t stop me


Ara B also said that he put in soo much work just so he could perform at Rapperholic only to be disrespected and disappointed.

Some man say he won’t climb stage if I perform so I wasn’t able to perform due to funny reasons…well this is my advice to that artist and some industry people who allow artist to go tru certain obstacles..I spent so much with my team for nothing just to be disapointed and disrespected on the rapperholic CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

Well, we are yet to get a comment from the camp of Sarkodie to know why Ara-B couldn’t perform. But do you think Shatta Wale did sabotage him? Share your thoughts on this story in comments with us.

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