Some Major Signs Of Demonic Possession

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Several horror movies are coupled with spectacular and frightful representations of demonic possession, such as the possessed person’s head whirling, their facial characteristics drastically altering, them spitting something resembling pea soup, and even much worse than that.

Are these dramatic fantasies of demonic activity actually true, or are they just good material for horror movies? What are the symptoms of demonic possession, given that we are aware that as Christians, we are engaged in a spiritual conflict (Ephesians 6:12)?

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What Is Demonic Possession In The Bible?

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In the New Testament, the Greek term daimonizomai is commonly translated as “demon possession.” This word refers to a wide range of ailments, both medical and emotional-mental-psychological, for which a direct demonic influence is determined or blamed to be the cause.

Jesus Christ and the Early Church adopted exorcism as a treatment for this subject. All around the world, researches show that most people have been tranced or are under demonic attacks or influence.

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What Defines Demonic Possession?

The most dangerous form of demonic possession results in a temporary loss of control over one’s soul and emotions. It is also the least common type of demonic assault, though seasoned exorcists have seen a surge in this type of attack since the 1960s.

The reasons for this include materialism, the promotion of lies in government, schools, and culture, the destruction of traditional norms, post-genderism, occultism, and, in the end, nihilism.

The eradication of traditional Christian morals, values, and ethics has also contributed to sexual promiscuity and other disordered sexual behaviours.

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Signs of Demonic Possession 

1. An extreme, uncontrollable dislike of religious symbols and locations, such as crosses, the Holy Bible, churches, hymnals, and prayer.

2. The victim’s ability to speak odd languages such as Latin, Greek, Akkadian, etc. These languages are also called dead” languages. Therefore, a little use of a few words from the mentioned languages isn’t taken into account as proof of demonic possession because one may learn these from a textbook.

Sometimes what the demon says through the person will be a clear indication of how and why the demon entered his or her life, or even reveal the identity of the demon.

3. Having knowledge of things the victim is known to be unaware of. We’re talking about extensive knowledge of things that are not close to the victim.


Demonic Possession Signs 

Some of the major signs of a demonic possession are; when someone shows high dislike or distate for religious stuffs like the Holy Bible, cross, prayer, churches etc. Also, when the victim is able to speak certain languages that he or she is known to have no knowledge of.

Some of these could be Greek, Latin or any other foreign or ancient languages. Lastly, when the victim seems to know things he or she is known to have no knowledge of.

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