Some Men See Cheating As A Sign Of Success In Their Lives – Relationship Expert Joro Raises Alarm On HIV Pandemic

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These days cheating has become the new order of the day. Married men and women no longer value their partners as they go about sleeping with other people.

Some are even so bold that they proudly post it on social media or tell their friends about their cheating escapades.

Gone are the days when Christians used to be scared of committing adultery. This is because they used to be scared of facing the wrath of God especially after standing in front of him make vows to their partners.

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Well, Nigerian relationship expert has explained why it’s important for couples to remain faithful to their partners.

In a post sighted via his social media page, he advised women to be going for check ups to be able to know when they are infected.

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” Most of the women doing Joro Bae search in HIV SEGMENT were infected by their husbands. Some men were infected by their wives too. But 85% were infected by their husbands in Lagos and Abuja.”

The North-Western States in Nigeria comprising Jigawa, Kaduna, Sokoto, Katsina, Kebbi and Zamfara are described as the zone that has the lowest number of people living with HIV in Nigeria. The Nigerian HIV/Aids Indicator Survey showed that Akwa Ibom has the highest prevalence rate of HIV in Nigeria.


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