‘Some Men Think They Are Doing Women A Favour By Marrying Them’ – Ifu Ennada

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BBNaija star, Ifu Ennada has pointed out the flaws in the thinking faculties of men in general who think marrying a woman means they are doing them a big favour. 

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Sounding like a feminist, the Ennada said she’s ready to live a single life with no man in her life because apparently, she’s fed with the chauvinism men portray.

Her full post reads;

“It’s Not a Man’s World…
Some men think they’re are doing women favour by marrying them. MF, the women are doing you a favour…

With her money, a good Sperm Donor can give her a child/children and her own money will help her live her best life.

And if she wants sex, there are different ways to get it – digital & manual.”

She also made a corresponding view in a diferent post saying;

In another post, she wrote;

“It’s Not Impossible…

Monogamous men are not all dead… We need to understand that women also have the ability to be unfaithful and might even be better at it…

It is not impossible for a Man to be faithful… Let’s stop this narrative that all men are cheats. Everyone gets tempted… Everyone can master self control…”

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