“Some Of The Richest People You Know Are Poor On The Inside, Don’t Be Fooled”-Lil Kesh

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Nigerian singer, Lil Kesh has admonished people not to allow themselves to be fooled by most of the richest people that they know.

According to him, most of the richest people that we know are actually poor on the inside and so we should not be fooled by what they display to us out there.

Lil Kesh said that those people, just like us, also cry, and so it is important to be nice to everyone out there.

He added that mental health is real, so it can be said that most of these rich people out there also have their mental issues and breakdown occasionally over their woes.

Lil Kesh wrote on Twitter;

“Some of the richest people you know are poor on the inside, do not be fooled they also cry, mental health is real, be nice to people.”

However, a fan pointed out to Lil Kesh that all cries aren’t the same as that of poor people is worse off.

The fan wrote in reply to Lil Kesh’s tweet;

“It’s better to cry in your factory fitted, mortuary standard air-conditioned building than in a rented apartment with 6months due rent. All cry’s are not in the same category pls.”

Lil Kesh rose to fame after releasing the hit single “Shoki”.

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