“Some Of You Are Not Stingy, You Just Don’t Have Money,”-Pretty Mike Shares His Thoughts On The SMAN Craze

A lot of guys have joined the craze around the stingy men association of Nigeria, but in the views of Pretty Mike, some of them are not actually stingy, the thing is, they don’t have money.

According to him, they should just allow rich people to catch some cruise in peace and spend their money.

Pretty Mike added that he is neither stingy nor rich as he’s still working towards his goals hence he has no reason to join the Stingy Men Association.

“Some of you posting these stingy men memes up and down, are not stingy, you just don’t have money, so please shut up and stop feeling among.

Allow these rich n***s catch cruise in peace.

I am not stingy and I am not rich, I am still working towards my goals,”Pretty Mike wrote on his Instagram stories.


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