Some Spiritualists Brag They Can Help People Give Birth But They Do Not Have Children- Prophet Azuka

Prophet Azuka has subtly thrown shades at popular Ghanaian herbalist, Doctor Grace Boadu, claiming she was a braggart.

Prophet Azuka sent a strong warning to herbalists to desist from bragging to people else they would die like chickens.

In a viral video, the self-acclaimed genuine man of God warned herbalists to let the death of Doctor Grace Boadu serve as a deterrent to them.

Prophet Azuka claims herbalists should take their spiritual life very seriously due to the attacks that come to them for healing people who have spirits after them.

“This should be a lesson to the herbalists who brag a lot. Anyone who wants to save an individual must be very careful because they give their diseases to the healers. I tell people [herbal doctors] not to underestimate spiritual things because it takes strong spiritual backing”, he said.

He added that most of the things some herbalists say, such as raising people from death and helping people to give birth are all untrue.

According to him, some herbalists themselves suffer from the things they brag to people they can do with ease.

“Some people say they could raise someone from death by giving the person herbs but it isn’t true. Some claim they could make the barren give birth yet the person herself needs a baby but is struggling to get one. If you fail to do it as you claimed, the spirit could come back to kill you,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Dr. Emmanuel Boadu, biological brother of deceased Doctor Grace Boadu has said that his sister had a daughter who is currently with their mother in Belgium.

According to him in an interview on Angel FM which monitored, the people who via interviews have said the CEO of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic did not have a child are their neighbors and not their family members as they said in their interviews.

“The fact that you are from the same hometown as the deceased does not make you her family member. All these claims are not true. The family has not sat down to officially address the public. Don’t pay heed to anyone parading himself as Dr. Grace’s uncle, sister, brother, and so on,” he said.

He disclosed that, his mother and the daughter of Doctor Grace Boadu would be giving a speech in a press conference with regards to the rumors circulated on social media.

“My mother, Doc’s mother is in Belgium and not America as people are saying. She and Doc’s daughter are in Belgium. They will soon touch down in Ghana. So, the family can come together and brief Ghanaians on all they need to know. The family will hold a press conference on either Friday or Saturday, to address the various rumors being paraded by different kinds of people on social media”, he said.

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