Songstress Efya set to drop new album after long break

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Efya Nokturnal, a Ghanaian diva, has made it abundantly apparent that she is planning to release a new album in the very near future.

She is encouraging all of her followers to be ready for the release of the most anticipated album of the year.

Efya assures fans that she will return to the music scene with something “strong”! She also expressed her regret for the lengthy wait and said that she was “getting everything done perfectly” in order to ensure that there would be no gaps throughout the meal.

She made the announcement on Twitter with a tantalizing video of her doing her thing on a song. She captioned the video, “IT’S COMING !! IT’S HEAVY… BE READY… I Love You …

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“shout out to my Gingam’s and Nokturnals worldwide… YALL HOLDING IT DOWN… I PROMISE WE GON FEAST SOON… Inshallah. Getting things done right so when we start eating… no breaks… hold on, my darlings …we are almost there!”

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